Magnet Bed


Experience the Sleep Revolution.


For more than Thirty years we've researched and developed ways to blend the science of sleep with ancient Eastern traditional beliefs and Western technology. Our philosophy has always been that deep sleep are only able to be performed via a full comprehension of the requirements the human mind, body and spirit.


The Magnet Bed gives you one of the most comfortable night’s sleep in your own life. Should you suffer inadequate sleep or experience pain or discomfort at night time, the Magnet Bed might help place you on a road to deep sleep and total relaxation.


Performance Technology


Scientifically Developed and Medically Tested.


We feel that using organic materials is important in allowing the perfect sleep environment. Our World’s First 100% Certified Organic Latex provides the body with healthy body support and contours for the curves of the body to aid your back its natural position. Our Bio-Magnetic Technology soothes your back and relaxes your body, which assists eliminate poor sleep, lumbar pain and inflammation.

Magnet Bed

We offer our Customers the ability to customize their Magnet Bed to experience maximum health improvements.